Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Make God Your Home" and other great stories

BURNING QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Check out this interesting question about certain culinary preferences.

The mystery of the Eucharist takes center stage this issue with last Sunday's feast of the Corpus Christi. New York Cardinal Edgar Egan used the feast as a chance to explain the meaning of some of the Church's central rituals. At the Vatican, Pope Benedict explained that the Eucharist is the secret to charity in the Church. He also called it "Bread From Heaven."

The Pope also explained that just as Sts. Peter and Andrew were brothers, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches are also sister churches. And in light of rash of women ordinations in the Episcopalian Church, a Cardinal explains the Catholic position on the matter. While another Cardinal explains Love when viewed through the eyes of Pope Benedict and his recent encyclical.

Pilgrims still flock to Medgugorje 25 years after the apparition and Church officials are still cautious about the authenticity of the events. In Las Vegas, a valedictorian thinks "God had bigger plans" when her microphone was turned off by school officials when she began mentioning God in her speech.

In New Orleans, Catholic schools have started using a tuition-free pre-kindergarten program to lure displaced by hurricane Katrina families back home. While in Delaware, a court upholds a Catholic school's firing of a pro-choice teacher. This event triggered a great editorial: "Let Them Discriminate! - Religious liberty in the classroom."

Globalization is in full swing but we are reminded this week that religious values are important in the process. And speaking of growth, it's projected that 1/3 of California's population by 2025 will be Catholics. And What about priests seen as CEOs? Yup, they're "Christ’s Employees Only."

On the Life front, Amnesty International is considering declaring abortion an international human right placing them in direct conflict with the Church, their long time ally in many issues. In Los Angeles, U.S. Bishops reaffirmed the Church’s support for adult stem-cell research and opposition to research that destroys human life.

They also reiterated that the decision to deny communion to Catholic pro-abortion politicians is up to the local bishops. To prepare the nation for the 2006 elections, Priests for Life announced over the weekend that it is leading an 18-week prayer campaign leading up to the elections. And we answer some of the common questions about marriage and annulments.

Get inspired! A bunch of great articles await you this week starting with "Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude." A suffering mother finds out that "Friends are God's way of taking care of us." Evangelist Bo Sanchez explains how you can 'Make God your home."

Musician Paul Harrigan, who found himself back in the Catholic Church after a long absence, shares his inspiring story and wonderful music with us. And we have the unbelievable story of a young man who resigned his lucrative software job to work in a Catholic center for destitutes.

Check out these Lifestyle stories. A $100 burger? Well this Florida restaurant is surely whipping one out. And now that summer is in full swing, check out the all-American barbecue sauces and the right wine to brighten your backyard cookouts. And if you think you know what's good and what's not good in your diet, think again. This short quiz may surprise you.

Another exciting week for Catholics everywhere. Have a great and blessed weekend.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher and Editor in Chief

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