Thursday, June 8, 2006

It's Holy Trinity Sunday!

Burning Question of the Week: Given a choice, will you vote for Abortion or Gay Marriage? Share your thoughts with us.

We are experiencing great growth in ParishWorld. We have a report that says the Internet, our chosen medium for evangelization, is now the #1 media in the world. In another report, it's apparent that religion is now getting immersed into the mainstream media. And that's a good thing. Religious information is buzzing all over the internet. And ParishWorld is right in the middle of the mix.

This Sunday is Holy Trinity Sunday. And the "Work of Pentecost continues." ParishWorld blogger Paul Dion delivers his final reflection on readers' comments regarding the divinity of Jesus in his conclusion of last week's burning question: Is God and Jesus the same? And Fr. Romy delivers a compelling homily on the Trinity.

Christ entrusted a pre-eminent role to St. Peter among the apostles. And Benedict XVI used the Gospels and other biblical passages to explain this. And remember "The Angelus?" We have an article that helps people understand what it is and how it is prayed.

Women are gaining more influence in the Catholic Church as they play bigger roles in administering our parishes. And with the rise of more lay movements, parishes are learning new ways to work with them as they continue to learn to build the Church together.A new translation of Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body addreses key questions about love and sexuality. Related to this, Pope Benedict assured the youth that the Church does not stifle a couple's love.

More on the youth. The Catholic Church faces a unique challenge as it seeks ways to keep Hispanic youths in the fold. In Philadelphia, a parish that values young people like gold has hit upon a way to lure them. British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife explains why she raied her children Catholic. And reports say nearly two of every three undergraduate students are going into debt to go to college.

Life issues. The Vatican says Abortion is a serious crime that must be punished. This comes at the heels of a report from Cuba that the women there prefer to use abortion as a birth control method. Good news from the Philippines where the government has passed a ban to end the Death Penalty. And in the US, a proposed constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriages was stopped in the Senate.

June 6, 2006 (06/06/06) came and passed without any apocalyptic incident. The Church asssured expectant mothers that there is no biblical foundation for dooming children born on that day, as claimed in the movie "The Omen 666." A movie review by Sister Rose calls the film "Popcorn Theology." While a senior bishop said the Catholic Church had stomped "The DaVinci Code" because Christianity did not change and the Church is still as it was before the movie.

Get inspired! Bo's Soulfood for the week reminds you to "Hug someone today while there's still time. " "Do you smell that?" is another one of those stories guaranteed to melt your heart. A family cherishes its eleven "blessings." While a priest helps another deal with the horror of multiple deaths in their family. And do you ever worry about your future? About ending up unhappy? Read this piece and get over that funk.

It's been another busy week for Catholics everywhere. Have a fun and blessed weekend.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida

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