Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's Corpus Christi Sunday! And 1 million hits at ParishWorld!

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We are thrilled to announce that ParishWorld has eclipsed 1 million hits since we launched our current model last January. That's over 600,000 pages read by you, our readers - over 600,000 pages of evangelization in action. We thank you for your patronage. Please continue to spread the news about ParishWorld and what we do. If your parish is not yet a part of our networlk, let us know. We can get them up and running in no time at all.

We celebrate the Feast of the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ this wekeend - Corpus Christi Sunday. Pope Benedict XVI says that the solemnity of Corpus Christi is a privileged opportunity to deepen one's love of the Eucharist. As surveys show a number of practicing Catholics are not clear about the doctrine of real presence, we feel this weekend is an opportune time to explain it.

In observance of Holy Trinity Sunday last week, the Pope compared the family to the Trinity. And we help answer the question about why Christians believe in the Trinity. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is "a joyful experience of God's grace," declared the preacher to the Pontifical Household. And the role of the laity as the principal force behind the evangelization and transformation of society is now being rediscovered.

Also this week, U.S. bishops convene in Los Angeles and are considering a new translation of parts of the celebration of the the Mass that could change the prayers spoken by a generation of American Catholics. The Bishops also urged Congress to create a program to give the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. a path to citizenship.

Miami Bishop Felipe Estevez feels the Catholic Church needs to better understand how to keep its young Hispanics, "Many pastors don't quite know how to relate to Hispanic young people in an organized, caring way." These teens were themselves challenged by the Church at a national youth conference held last week at Notre Dame in Indiana.

Artifacts from old churches are turning up in the most unusual places in the U.S. - like the gambling floor of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe - as more and more old American churches are torn down. But in Italy, all eyes are looking to the Church of the future at the Cathedral of Milan where the glory of historical Christian art blends with today's form of arts - electronic images and video - in the spiritual meditations.

There is a lack of education about angels, especially among young Christians, and experts warn other groups may take advantage of this vacuum. And remember the Gregorian Chants? It continues to be the official chant of the Catholic Church of Latin rite.

On the family front, a group of prominent signatories have issued a new document, "Marriage and the Public Good: Ten Principles." Check out the list. The FDA rejected an abortion group's petition to have the Morning After pill sold over the counter. A federal appeals court has upheld the firing of a Catholic school teacher who publicly supported the Roe v. Wade decision in a newspaper ad. In another case, a California federal trial judge has dismissed the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the American national motto, "In God We Trust."

In Denver, the Diocese announced a program that would give cash vouchers of up to $3000 for the Catholic education of indigent families. And just what makes a Catholic Univesity truly Catholic? We have the answer.

Conversion touched several prominent people recently. Actress Nicole Kidman rediscovers her faith and will wed singer Keith Urban in Catholic ceremonies. The scientist who cracked the human DNA code discovers God after marveling at the wonderful complexity of his discovery. And a mother talks about her life in her words and "Growing up Catholic."

Get Inspired. We have a real tearjerker for you this week. Pump up your computer speakers, take out a box of Kleenex and click here. Also, Bo Sanchez reminds you that "Your past doesn't define your future." And ex-NBA player AC Green calls for chastity and obedience to God at a commencement ceremony.

Here's some intersting lifestyle tidbits. Did you know that drinking coffee can cut down the harmful effects of alcohol? Also, there is a new cutting edge gadget that combines an iPod with a toilet paper dispenser - weird but true. And in a new comic book release, Spiderman does the unthinkable for Super Heroes - he publicly revealed his secret identity.

It has been another busy week for Catholics everywhere. Enjoy your weekend. May it be blessed and joyful.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Publisher and Editor in chief

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