Thursday, October 30, 2014

"And I shall raise him on the last day.”

We start our journey this week with Discussion Questions on the Sunday Readings for use by prayer groups or for individual prayer. This weekend, we celebrate All Saints Day on Saturday,
Nov. 1, and All Souls Day on Sunday, Nov. 2.

Father Joseph Pellegrino explains our Catholic belief regarding the souls of those who have gone before us. We are reminded by Father Cusick that we should use this occasion to pray and offer the Eucharistic Sacrifice for all of the "faithful" departed, of whom the Lord speaks in Sunday's gospel. While Father Phil Bloom tells us that we are baptized in the death of Jesus. And even though death seems to wipe out everything, that is not so. Fr. Philip Chavez encourages us to find peace with those we know who have passed away.

One of the most difficult yet wonderful parts of spirituality is the topic of death. Fr. John Foley, S. J. wonders how in the world can our beloved ones be so filled with the spark of life and then have it suddenly go out? Ask yourself thihs, "Did you cry at your loved ones' funeral?" It is this Week's Burning Question.

Father Demetrius R. Dumm, O.S.B. reflects on the text of the Beatitudes in Matthew's gospel which serves as the gospel for both All Saints and All Souls. Father Alex McAllister laments that in this modern age there is a tendency to downgrade the importance of saints and regard them as a sort of spiritual icing on the cake — nice but unnecessary. And Marcellino D’Ambrosio quotes Leon Bloy, a French Catholic writer who once said “the only tragedy in life is not to become a saint.”

ELECTIONS 2008. It's only four more days before the US elects a new president and many are still undecided. We are reminded as we ponder our vote that the "Catholic approach" does not allow for choosing between "opposing evil and doing good." They need to go together. And before you go to the polls, Fr. John Corapi offers a guide so you may properly "Form Your Conscience, Vote Your Conscience!"

A TIME FOR PRAYER. So, with the end in sight, let me suggest that it’s time to pray: to pray for the candidates; to pray for ourselves, that we refrain from tribal voting and make wise and prudent choices; and to pray for our country, that we grow up a bit more in the years ahead.

HALLOWEEN. Today is Halloween and children everywhere will be out prowling the night for treats. And you've probably heard the allegations that if you let your kids go trick-or-treating, they will be worshiping the devil and pagan gods. Nothing could be further from the truth. The origins of Halloween are, in fact, very Christian and rather American. And if you've wondered about witches, ghosts and magic, we bring you "What Catholics Really Believe."

WALMART AND AL CAPONE. The first of our Stories of Hope this week is a gem of a blog by Fr. Philip, OP: "10 Reasons the Catholic Church is Not WalMart." Read this wake-up call and share it with all your Catholic friends. Plus we bring you "Two Stirring Stories of Fate" featuring Al Capone.

FLU SHOTS & CAR DETAILING. Taking care of your car's appearance doesn't qualify as vanity, it's smart vehicle ownership. You can hire a professional auto detailer to care for your car for $100 to $500 -- or you can swipe their secrets, do it yourself and save some dough. We give you their Top 11 secret tips. And since the flu is nothing to sneeze at, experts are making their annual plea for people 50-plus and other at-risk groups to get their shots. Should you get a flu shot? Check out this story and find out.

Another eventful week in out Catholic world. Have a safe and blessed new week.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher & Editor in chief.

BURNING QUESTION: Did you cry at your loved ones' funeral?
FEATURED BLOG: 10 Reasons the Catholic Church is Not WalMart
STORIES OF RECONCILIATION: Blessed is this peace-maker
PASTORAL HISPANA: El sentido de la muerte para los católicos

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