Thursday, November 6, 2014

“Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.”

In this Sunday's Gospel for Nov. 9, 2014, Jesus is angered upon seeing the merchants and money-changers disrespecting the temple in Jerusalem. Also, the universal Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the dedication of the Lateran Basilica, the diocesan church of the Pope in Rome. Our Discussion Questions on the Sunday Readings will be a good guide for prayer groups or for individual prayer.

On the Feast of St. John Lateran we hear about the only recorded act of violence by Jesus. Fr. Phil Bloom reflects upon this and explains why there are things that Christians should hold as worth fighting for. Jesus referred to the temple in Jerusalem as "my Father's house." Fr. Campion P. Gavaler explains the fact that the invisible God manifests his presence in visible signs recognizable by faith is at the heart of biblical revelation. But why did Jesus get so angry in the Gospel for Sunday? Was this an act of love? How could it be? Fr. John Foley, S. J. explains.

Fr. Joseph Pelligrino preaches that Sunday's celebration is not really about a place, after all. It is about us. We are the Church. Together we are a place of refuge from the terrors of the world. Together, united with Christ, we are a people of love in a world of hatred. Father Alex McAllister reflects further that the Church building is therefore a real visible symbol of the greater Church which is the Body of Christ. It is a living sign of the unity of the Church. 

The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome is celebrated because, according to Father Cusick, it is the one place of worship which is prior to all others. The Pope is the bishop of
Rome and the Lateran Basilica is his diocesan church. Paul Dion, STL, explains that celebrating the dedication and consecration of these wonderful temples is part of our Christian heritage. We revere them just as we revere and respect other holy people and holy things in our lives as Catholics.


The elections are over and our democracy manifested itself again as a miracle that occurs. Despite the divisive, passionate – at times even nasty - political discourse we as a nation engaged in over the months prior to the elections, we always come together once it’s all over and embrace our newly elected public officials.In the days after the elections, the nation savors the moment of hope. But it is one that comes with the challenge of accountability.


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Aaron Wiederspahn is "The Movie Man Who Bumped into God." Read how he found God and his Catholic faith while shopping at a Borders store. And as the economy melts down, many people are being heard asking themselves about life’s larger priorities — about what is important and why.” The story is called "Re-Ordered Priorities: Turning Back to God." We also have a report on how many young men today don’t know how to offer and accept criticism like a man. Instead they handle criticism like little boys. "How to Give and Take Criticism like a Man" is a great read. Plus be inspired by some great life lessons we can glean from "The Fern and the Bamboo."


"Quiet Time" is a story that dares you to unplug your self for an hour from the your phone, computer, TV or whatever else might be taking your attention and give it to God. And finally we ask you to read "Reconciliation: An Experience of Forgiveness," a reflection about a young man who finds himself thinking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation, about asking a priest at school to hear his confession. Why would anybody voluntarily reveal their failures, faults or even their crimes?

Another eventful week in our Catholic world. Have a great and blessed new week.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher & Editor in chief

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