Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Therefore, stay awake!"

The readings for this First Sunday of Advent, the first Sunday of the liturgical year don’t sound very different in tone from the last Sunday of the outgoing year, not counting the special readings for the Feast of Christ the King. At first sight that might seem a bit surprising. But, of course, in the Church this sort of thing happens all the time. And when you take a closer look, you usually find that there are some very good reasons. Our Discussion Questions will guide your Online Sunday Bible Study sessions with your family, friends and church groups.

It's Thanksgiving weekend. And our staff's week is as busy as yours - cooking, dining, spending time with family and friends. Because of this, we are delivering to you - just for this week -  a shorter Catholic Living Today than you normally have been receiving.

However, we still made sure you that receive the full complement of homilies we prepared for this Sunday, November 28 - the First Sunday of Advent. Please click here to access the complete homiletics section we have prepared for you this Sunday.

Also, your ParishWorld is still filled with the latest stories and events in our Catholic world. Please check your parish website to see the latest stories we have compiled for you this week.

It's another eventful week in our Catholic world. Have a great and blessed new week. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend.

Keep the Faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher & Editor in chief

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