Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Superior Alternative to your Parish Website

Dear Pastor,

Did you know that 97% of Catholic parish websites today are not even being read by the very parishioners they were designed for?

Now imagine that your parish website IS NOT in that 97%.

And imagine further that your parish website is like St Paul, going from house to house and evangelizing 24 hours a day – even while you sleep.

Imagine how more VIBRANT & SPIRITUALLY CHARGED your parish will be if your website:

- Greatly INCREASED STEWARDSHIP in your parish - Time, Talent & Treasure
- Contained over 8,000 orthodox Catholic articles to CATECHIZE your parishioners
- Displayed your NEW FRONT PAGE every day with 40-50 new Catholic articles weekly
- Offered your parishioners multiple REFLECTIONS & HOMILIES for the Sunday Readings - plus daily Readings
- Dynamically communicated YOUR LATEST PARISH EVENTS, activities, community news, programs, etc.
- Enabled you to EASILY ENTER YOUR OWN ARTICLES - and with no web design knowledge
- Included A SPANISH VERSION for your Hispanic parishioners!
- Was ACTUALLY READ BY YOUR PARISHIONERS thousands of times - each day! (Proof: we already have 50+ parishes using it.)
- Could do all these wonderful things and more - And WE ALREADY DID almost all of the work for you!

This is not just a parish website. It’s an online evangelization system – The New Evangelization
A superior alternative to Catholic parish websites that didn't exist before. And it is now available to you.

This unique ministry can do more for your parish. Evangelize. Catechize. Touch lives spiritually.Find out by calling us now at (951) 205-3346 or email us at

Wally Arida, Editor in chief
“Parish Websites that Make a Catholic Difference”

P.S. A new and vibrant, evangelizing Parish Website will be yours soon. Give us a call at (951) 205-3346 or email us at

But maybe you're thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?” Well, we’ve got good news! The very low monthly payments are unbelievable. And your parish is already 100% approved for the easy financing. It sounds even more interesting now, doesn’t it?

Call us now at (310) 933-0941 or email us at

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