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"The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone" 10/05/08

"The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone"
Issue Date: October 5, 2008 (27A)

BURNING QUESTION: What are your Personal Bible Habits?
FEATURED BLOG: Why Confession?
FEATURED VIDEO: Catholic Vote 2008
PASTORAL HISPANA: Mi amigo que es Dios tenía una viña

Dear Friends,

We start our journey this week with Discussion Questions on the Sunday Readings for use by prayer groups or for individual prayer. Two weeks ago we had the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, last week the parable of the two sons who were asked to work in the vineyard and this Sunday the parable of the wicked tenants who killed the son of the vineyard owner.

Fr. Clyde A. Bonar, Ph.D. says the question is do we ignore God the same way the wicked tenants did in the parable? Fr. Joseph Pellegrino says we have been entrusted with the vineyard to bear fruit for others. It is a great honor and also a great responsibility. Fr. Phil Bloom chimes in saying God entrusts his vineyard to tenants and they are not just the powerful ones. You and I are the tenants.

Campion P. Gavaler, O.S.B. says the crucial point of the homily is that Jesus, the now-vindicated Risen Lord, addresses each of us as tenants of God's vineyard today. The "vineyard," according to Father Cusick, is the Church which leads to the kingdom. And there is no salvation outside of the Church for those who deny their Catholic faith once having truly understood and embraced it. And in a moving podcast, Fr. Philip Chavez explains that this parable is a warning against rejecting the gifts of the Father.

This parable also tells us what Jesus thought about Himself. Fr. James Gilhooley explains that the agents who preceded Jesus were the prophets. Yet, exalted as they were, Jesus says there is only one Son of God and He is the Christ. In "Walls Come Tumbling Down - A Warning to America," Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D. tells us that instead of killing the prophets, we ought to listen to them. Maybe we can begin honoring God rather than exiling Him. And Fr. John Foley, S.J. preaches that God sent his own son into the trap of human life not because life is perfect, but because love is.

LIFE & FAMILY. Sunday is Respect Life Sunday and a US Cardinal list three focuses for Catholics: Euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and the threat of a federal bill that could obliterate 35 years of pro-life gains. In "You do what you have to do," an unwed mother's story of courage and strength is a Life story that just demanded to be told, and shared, and repeated. While Paul Dion, STL adds another dimension to the discussion with his personal story about how caring for his aging mother-in-law allows his family to "bring God into the space that exists under my roof."

“It is sinful” is Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto’s keynote speech to the National Association of Diocesan Gay and Lesbian Ministries meeting in Long Beach on Sept. 18, 2008. It is a clear picture of the teachings of the Church on maintaining the dignity of the family. And Pope Benedict caps it by saying, "With the help of God, marriage crises can be overcome."

WALL STREET CRISIS. As Congress goes back to the drawing board to consider the nation's finances after the failed bailout vote, the country's bishops have their own list of five principles they hope will be taken into account. We also bring you "10 Basics for Financial Peace of Mind in Tough Times," real world tips everyone can use in these trying times. And if the economy and the world has you in a frenzy, have you considered trying to turn to God for solace and peace of mind? And we bring you tips on how to find a job during a recession.

2008 ELECTIONS. We begin our coverage this week with a must-see video called "Catholic Vote 2008." This is not a Dem/Rep video. It is a call for all Catholics to form their conscience and vote. Watch the video and share it with everyone you know. The stakes are just too big this election cycle. And from the Vatican, a Bishop called on Catholics to stop dozing saying we need to wake up when it comes to politics, and stop leaving "God in the pew."

CATHOLIC NEWS. More from the Vatican, Pope Benedict made a big clarification. He said the importance that Paul gave in his letters to sacred Tradition proves false the claim the Apostle invented Christianity. He also reminded us that "Angels bring us great help and consolation." While in California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a big victory for gaming tribes and the Catholic Church. He signed legislation that outlaws non-Indian bingo machines while
authorizing high-stakes bingo for charities and nonprofits.

YOUTH LIFE. October 4 is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi and Pope Benedict exalted the saint as a role model for the youth. He also prayed to promote universities to be the home of an ever increasing witness to the Gospel. It's a response to the reality that many Catholic universities have been losing their identity over the last 40 years. The story is called "Our Youth, Our Universities."

Another event-filled week in our Catholic world. Have an enlightening and blessed new week.

Keep the Faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher & Editor in chief

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