Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Discipleship - How have you gone out of your way for Jesus?"

By Wally Arida
Emailed Sept. 7, 2007

We welcome two new parishes this week to the family: St. Martha Catholic Church in Valinda, CA and and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church in Los Angeles, CA.

Over the past weeks, you might have noticed the latest development in our editorial coverage. In some Catholic circles, the term they use is "whole community catechesis." We prefer to call it "homily-centric."

Every week, your features articles that revolve around the theme of the readings and homilies for Sunday. This editorial approach allows the pastor to weekly help focus the attention of his parish community on the universal theme the Catholic Church has chosen for all Catholics worldwide.

Last week's theme was Humility and you might have noticed that our article selection reflected that. This week, the readings focus on Discipleship. We kick things off with "Discipleship: Going Places With Jesus." And you've probably wondered what God's role for you can be. "Deciding When You Don’t Know for Sure" is a story that will show you the way.

We also bring you a reflection on the Gospel from Fr. Jude Botelho called "The cost of discipleship!" As well as "Reinvent Yourself " - a homily (in English and Spanish) that says, "You and I can choose who we will become. The person who chooses Jesus discovers his true identity." Plus our usual stirring homily by Fr. Romy Seleccion, MS.

Last Wednesday, Sept. 5, was the tenth death anniversary of Mother Teresa and the world remembered the life lived by this saintly woman. We picked several wonderful articles plus a video tribute - with music by U2 - to remember her. "The Sanctity of Mother Teresa" is a reflection by the Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, the preacher to the pope.

The plight of lapsed Catholics made headlines this week with two stories. The first is a national initiative in England that reaches out to the hundreds of thousands of people in England who have been baptised but very rarely, if ever, attend Mass. The second story is a six-week program a Florida parish is using to transform inactive Catholics to active apostles. Parishes everywhere can and should learn from their experience.

The Pope was in Loreto last week and used the youth there - over 100,000 strong - to minister to the world. He started by saying, "The human person is made to reign over all creation, but he must allow God to be present within him if he is to reach his true greatness." He told the youth, "Don't be seduced," because the world needs daring Christians." Reminding them that "Holiness is fulfillment," Pope Benedict told young people not to be afraid to dream, since the Spirit of God is the one who places great aspirations in their hearts.

Here's another great conversion story: "Conversion as Christian Longing Fulfilled" where the convert says, "All roads lead to the Mass, and the Mass is a physical, sensory, emotional, mystical, and spiritual experience." Plus a great reflection by another convert - Catholic Apologist Steve Ray illustrates "How big is our God?" You have to see this.

And to top this issue off, we share with you a couple of TOP TEN lists plus a TOP 20. "10 Ways to Have a Better Day Today" will lift you out of the doldrums. "Ten Rules Kids Won't Learn In School" is a list you need to make sure your children see. And "20 Timeless Money Rules" is a must-read for all.

Another exciting week in our Catholic world. Have a great and blessed new week.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher & Editor-in-chief

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