Friday, August 10, 2007

"If the heart is not praying, the tongue is labouring in vain."

By Wally Arida
Emailed to readers July 9, 2007

Dear Friends:

On Wednesday, August 15, Catholics all over the world will celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. To help us better understand the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our Christian lives, we begin this issue with an explanation of the "Doctrine of the Assumption." Then we have an article about "The Original Mary: Our Lady's Life Before the Annunciation." Our Burning Question this week will challenge how much you know about our Blessed mother, "What did Pope Pius XII define about the mystery of the Assumption in 1950?" Give this question a shot.

“Proof-texting" is a practice Protestants use to prove certain Protestant doctrines or to disprove certain Catholic doctrines. Recently ParishWorld blogger Aimee Milburn found herself in this kind of a dialogue with a Protestant friend. She talks about the encounter and explains how the Holy Spirit teaches and through whom. Check out this wonderful article. Also this one: "Mass with 2 Protestants and 1 Crucifix." It's a first person account by Catholic apologist Steve Ray. The title says it, now go and read the story.

"Christ's Teachings Are The Light Of The World." However, the secular world today sees Christianity differently - as immensely complex with everyone going to Heaven, everyone saved, no matter how they behave. Sadly, U.S. Catholics seem to be wallowing in this mainstream thinking. A recent study reported on this state of our Catholic populace today, “the trail of Catholicism in America is a clear example of culture influencing faith more often than faith influencing culture.”

Have you ever found yourself during conversation with old friends having the tendency to glory in your past sins rather than dismissing them? Fr. Steve T. warns us about it in "Putting on the new self." And "The Gift of Prayer" points out that the organ God gave us with which to pray is the heart - not the tongue. "If the heart is not praying, the tongue is labouring in vain."

Here's a question from a reader that Paul Dion has not heard in over 45 years. The answer remains unchanged over the decades - both for the youth of his time and the youth of today. Should unmarried dating couples kiss? Read the answer here.

We have more stories waiting for you online and we also have Lifestyle Stories. Do you have a hidden addiction that is stealing your life away? Catholic preacher Bo Sanchez talks about "How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Now!" If you're like me, your email's inbox is being hammered with a new kind of spam - attachment spam. We explain it and give you ideas how to deal with it. And you know that cellular plan you've contracted with your phone company? There's no escape from its early termination fees. So beware before you switch carriers.

And how was your week? Have a great and blessed new week.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida

Publisher & Editor in chief

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