Friday, August 4, 2006

"DID I MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON?" and other great stories

BURNING QUESTION OF THE WEEK: "Is Divorce a sin, according to the Catholic Church?" Let us know what you think. Post a comment, any comment. And next week, we will post what the Church really teaches.

A NEW BLOG DEBUTS! "Today I saw God..." is a compilation of a young adult's reflections on how and where God manifests Himself in our daily lives. This blog will touch your lives spiritually. Click here and share with us how and where you experienced God today.

We start off this week's edition with a question that I'm sure has popped in many a married couple's minds at some point over the span of their marriage: "How do I know if I married the right person?" This article will make you look at your relationships from a different light. Also this week, we debut a new blog by Jeri Westerson, If Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel were the first people, how did Cain find a a wife when he was banished from the Garden of Eden? Jeri's debut blog, "Genesis - An introduction that takes the mystery out of the Bible," explains this.

Who is the Pope? Why is a Pope Important? We explain the Papacy and its role from both a scriptural and social point of view. And speaking of the Pope, Benedict XVI takes on the new Socialist Spanish government and their new anti-family, anti-life policies. We also take a look at the Sacrament of Reconciliation (that's Confession for you who were raised in the Pre-Vatican II days). It has emerged from the days of dark confessionals into the light in today's churches.

In Bolivia, newly elected President Evo Morales has backed off a proposal to remove Roman Catholic instruction from Bolivia's schools. In China, hundreds of Chinese police clashed with 5000 Christians who were desperately trying to save their church from destruction.

In Orlando, FL, thousands of Knights of Columbus members garthered for their international convention in plumed, 19th-century hats, colorful capes, sashes and swords. They represented over 1.7 million members from all over the world. While over in San Diego, 5000 youths jammed the city last weekend for prayer and worship during the annual Steubenville Youth Conference. And World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, Australia is looming to be a monster event with over 25,000 people expected from the US alone. Better start making your travel plans.

Can you imagine a natural history museum that's inspired by the Bible and the literal interpretation that contends God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them just a few thousand years ago. $25M is being spent to build it in Kentucky. And do you remember shock rocker Alice Cooper? He has found God! Alice is spending $3M to build a Christian rock center in Phoenix, AZ. God does work in mysterious ways.

A pro-life Democrat challenges all pro-lifers to take a pro-life stand on other issues. It's not just abortion you know. More Life news as the FDA re-opens its attmpts to make the Morning-After abortion pill available over the counter. And an Argentine Catholic University has offered to adpot the unborn child of a handicapped woman to keep her family from pursuing its abortion.

In LIFESTYLE, ParishWorld blogger offers some very helpful tips on how to set up a Book Club at your own parish. We have the story of an elctrician who discovered a 118-year-old Bible in a dumpster. Now everyone wants it and he's not selling.

Did you know your cell phone is dirtier than the average toilet seat? And that 75% of obsese people say they eat a healthy diet? And what about the new study that shows deep breathing can do more to lower your blood pressure than reducing your salt intake? And here's one from the comic books: Scientist thinks invisibility is possible in the future. The Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman may just be on to something.

BE INSPIRED by the story of a beautiful couple who suffered the greatest trial imaginable - the death of their 5-year-old son who was crushed under the wheels of a car they themselves were driving. "When Life Seems Out Of Control," "SAY THANK YOU OFTEN by Bo Sanchez" and "God saved me" are other articles that will surely touch your lives this week.

And finally, we are excited to announce that Asia's top Catholic evangelist and ParishWorld blogger Bo Sanchez is coming to the USA and Canada for a series of FREE 'Power and Inspirational Concert' on August 12-29, 2006. Also appearing in this dynamic worship event is Arun Gogna, one of the the leading evangelist in the Philippines. God has been using this dynamic team of preachers to bless millions of people all over the world in powerful ways. It's your turn! Don't miss the spiritual event of the year that will refresh, restore and fire up your life for God. Check out their road schedule here.

Another exciting and blessed week in our Catholic world.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Publisher and Editor in Chief

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