Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"PINGING PRAYER" & Other Great Stories

THIS WEEK'S BURNING QUESTION: What does "pray without ceasing" mean to you? Let us know what you think.. Click here to share your thoughts.

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Prayer takes center stage in this week's edition. ParishWorld Blogger Paul Dion kicks it off with a wonderful discovery his new srticle burning question listed above for you all. He reports that the Catechism of the Catholic Church has over 350 paragraphs on the topic of prayer.

ParishWorld blogger Kathi Scarpace follows it up with her new article "PINGING PRAYER." She talks about several online sites that are great places to help you get in the mood to pray fervently. Devotion to the Heart of Jesus is a prayer devotion that has been around for many centuries. A Jesuit Cardinal explains how it can be a strong lesson in humility and generous love which speaks to the men of today.

A mindful Catholic shares his thought that "Forgiveness is not a weakness," saying forgiveness courses through the religion of his birth like a life-giving river. "I am a proud member of the Roman Catholic Church community" is another great piece that explores the universal and accomodating nature of Catholics - even to people of other faiths.

In Catholic news, crisis and hope face the Toledo Catholic Diocese. Despite the priest abuse crisis it went through, it witnessed this year the ordination of four new priests - the most number of priests it has ever ordained in several decades. "Downsizing and the Catholic Church" talks about the closing of hundreds of Catholic parishes, schools and hospitals nationwide and how they have long provided the foundation - as well as provided for the faith - of urban neighborhoods everywhere.

Violence in the Middle East ripped into the heart of the Christian faith straining a Catholic population that is concerned for its safety and those of its Christian pilgrims. In Malawi, a man dressed as a choir member set off an explosion during Mass at a Roman Catholic church injuring many inside.

In Washington DC, the contributions of Asian and Pacific Catholics to the Church were highlighted during the first Asian and Pacific Catholic Convocation held last week. From China comes this story about how a Jesuit order has been quietly working for many years, restoring several of Shanghai's great cathedrals that were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. We also have a story about the brave struggle of Mexico's priests-martyrs during the 1920s revolution that brought with it a widespread persecution of Catholics. And guess what is the most sought-after export of Poland? Polish Catholic priests!I

n LIFE issues, did you know that United States tax dollars are funding sterilization programs in the Philippines? We have the story. In Buffalo, NY, the local bishop - “In the tradition of the early church where pagan temples were turned into holy spaces" - recently blessed the site of a former abortion facility and consecrated it as the new "Chapel of the Holy Innocents." And we have an interview that reflects on the emotional grief and related issues that women can go through as a result of sterilization and contraception.

GET INSPIRED! ParishWorld Blogger BO SANCHEZ is back this week with a most wonderful suggestion that we "Hold Hands" and make our relationships better. "SLOW DANCE" is a touching poem that reminds us to take the time to slow down and live our lives fully and purposefully. Check it out.

We have several YOUTH STORIES this week. The first one is about a senior at Benedictine University who chose to spend her 21st birthday walking across the U.S for 11 weeks to promote Life. We also have the story of several hundred youths in Indiana who are spending their entire summer in a camp from where they head out everyday to refurbish and paint old Catholic parishes in the area.

In LIFESTYLE, it seems that emails are losing steam among the youth as their preferred medium of communication. Text Messaging is in! And did you know you can have 24/7 Catholic music on the web? It's here! Check out this website that offers Catholic music podcasts to subscribers worldwide. And for those of you that like the finer things in life, we have a very informative article about sheep's milk cheeses - like Spain's delightful Manchego - and the staggering variety now available in the market.

It was another purposeful and eventful week for Catholics all over the world. We hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend. God bless. And don't forget to hold hands!

Keep the faith. Peace.

Publisher and Editor in Chief

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