Thursday, March 30, 2006

Simplify your life! and more...

It's the fifth Sunday of Lent this weekend. Can you believe that Holy Week is almost upon us?

In this issue, we reflect on why Jesus calls us "friends." Pope Benedict tells us, "Communion is key to Church Unity." And if you're struggling with life right now, we are reminded that "life is strewn with many little nights of Gethsemane." If you 've been praying and all you hear from God is silence, we have a wonderful article that might help you understand why.

Here's a gem of an advice from Bo Sanchez for the many who are stuck in the rat race: Simplify! It's the same message you will get from the founder of IKEA, the 4th richest person in the world. He is so simple, this billionaire flies in economy class and drives around in an old Volvo.

Mike Eichhorn was a cradle Catholic. Read about his journey away from the church and what brought him back home again. But what exactly does 'Catholic' mean? Steve Ray tells us how the word came about. Paul Dion reflects on the plight of many Catholics today in "Lotsa religion, but how much faith." It hits the spot.

And before you think ill and pass judgement on others, read "Judgements - A parent's perspective." it relates so well to the many social issues that are front page news again this week. With the immigration issue heating up, we thought we would show you the common themes that abound in Catholic statements about the issue. A catholic group fights poverty by helping mothers reconnect to the community. Check out the march for Christ by 25,000 Christian youths in San Francisco.

And we have more. Did you know actor Bill Murray has a sister who is a Dominican nun? Have you heard that the Catholic Church in Scotland now uses text messaging by cell phones to evangelize? Talk about high tech evangelization. We also bring you the latest wave of companies that are delivering even newer and better cutting edge services via the internet.

Teach your kids how to manage their finances and learn about the many pitfalls and traps your children face when they go into We have the stories. Learn how to pair wine and cheese for maximum enjoyment. Think you'getting a good deal shopping at those dollar stores? Be wary as we tell you why. And see how one college student actually survived "living " in Walmart as part of his college project. And much much more.

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally AridaPublisher and Editor in Chief

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