Thursday, February 16, 2006

When Baptists and Catholics Come Together and More

It's Friday once again, the start of what we hope would be another fun-filled and blessed weekend for you and your family.

Feeling down lately? Jesus listens in times of trouble, Pope Benedict XVI reminds us. Also this Sunday, the Gospel tells the story of the paralytic whose faith in Jesus cured him. Fr. Romy challenges us in his Sunday homily to become a people of faith, willing to care and love each other. He says friendship flourishes at the fountain of forgiveness and love emerges from the heart of humility.

It is with this humility that a small group of Catholics accepted an invitation by a group of Baptists, many of them ex-Catholics, for a friendly chat about religion. And to the surprise of the host Baptist group, the Catholics calmly defended all the misconceptions about their faith. The Catholics were polite, friendly and quite knowledgeable. They even won a few wavering non-Catholics to their side. Ours is a wonderful faith. And this story tells you how to enlighten minds.

Several communion questions were answered in this week's issue including what to do when a consecrated host falls during communion and how the practice of blessing non-communicants got started. Also, find out why many are convinced the priesthood is attracting higher quality candidates in the aftermath of the abuse crisis.

The Catholic Church holds that marriage is indissoluble, for life. After a rigorous process, however, it may on occasion establish that there are marriages that never were valid. Ten questions about Annulmment are answered in this story.

We have many more great stories you can catch including the Catholic teen who helped jumpstart a Christian youth group in her high school; the unexpected gift a cash-strapped mechanic received after helping a hapless lady whose car broke down; the low-down on chocolates - its origins, different types, quality and flavor; how the latest study show Calcium is not as helpful for those brittle bones as previously thought. And you have to see this amazing video showing the future of home computing - it's touch screen magic!

Enjoy your TGIF Jokes in our Lifestyle section. And have a blessed weekend.
Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher and Editor in Chief

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