Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ash Wednesday, IRS Audit Red Flags, Why Go to Confession and More

I can't believe it seems like only a few weeks ago when we were celebrating the Christmas season. And now Lent comes rolling along as Catholics gather next week for Ash Wednesday.

We explain the
origins of this celebration and its meaning in our world today. Lent is also a good time to go and take stock of your self. "Why go to Confession" answers all your questions about the sacrament of Reconciliation.The season of Lent is also the season for taxes. We give you five definite IRS audit red flags to watch out for. And for those meatless Fridays of Lent, try some tuna in a can? But try out the Mediterranean variety. It's definitely above par.

We have stories from all over this week. In Rome, Pope Benedict XVI explains
his role as Bishop of Rome. In the Philippines, Catholic Bishops try to counter the vigorous efforts of the country's well-placed abortion movement. They are instituting an eight-week pro-life course that's mandatory for all Catholics. And in Sweden, it seems their national experiment with social liberalism and amorality is failing fast.

News comes from Naples, Florida that the billionaire founder of Domino's Pizza is determined to complete the
development of a town steeped in Catholic values. The ACLU, however, seems to think otherwise. In Texas, "God's billboards" are cropping up all over the place but one mystery remains unanswered. No one knows who has been paying for them.

And we have more.
Darwin's Theory of Evolution is being rebuked by a group of 500 Ph.D. scholars. In the US Supreme Court, the new justices face their first major test as the issue of partial birth abortion heads their way. And this time, the pro-lifers just might prevail.

In the pressure-filled high tech business world, the founder of, now
a senior executive at Yahoo, explains why he places God smack in the center of everything he does. And learn why it's never too late to learn to "Pray by Reading."

We have TGIF jokes in our Lifestyle section, news for
arthritis sufferers and over 50 articles. Find them all in your ParishWorld this week. Have a great and blessed weekend.

Keep the faith. Peace.

Wally Arida
Publisher and Editor in Chief

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